Below are the main research projects that I am currently working on:

1). Developing Metrics to Assess the Effectiveness of Science Communication Training Programs on Scientist’s Communication Skills.

This project is supported by an NSF-research grant to develop a transferable survey questionnaire for assessing the effectiveness of scientist’s communication skills. Specifically, we are trying to determine what effect science communication training programs have on graduate STEM student’s communication skills. Our goal is to develop a standard metric that science communication training programs can use to measure the effectiveness of their training.

2). Understanding How Scientists Use Twitter.

This project is supported by an NSF-research grant to assess the activity and effectiveness of scientist’s online communication. Specially, we are analyzing data on Twitter to determine the network structure and content among graduate STEM students, and determining what constitutes successful communication activity on the platform.

2). Cultural Theory, Cultural Cognition, and Media Effects.

This area of research builds off of  my dissertation work. I am continuing to develop and refine measures and frameworks for adapting the theoretical frameworks of cultural theory and cultural cognition with media framing. Likewise, I am also working on survey and experimental work that demonstrates the relationship between cultural worldviews and media use within the context of public attitudes on controversial science and political issues.

3). Science Schema, Media Use, and Public Opinion

Using original survey data collected in February 2015, I am working with a group of researchers to understand how individual cognitive schemas about science interact with forms of media use, and the influence this has on public opinion regarding a variety of controversial science issues (i.e., climate change, genetically modified food, and energy policy).