1273122_10103254018213279_619611601_oI am currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Connecticut. I am working with an interdisciplinary group of faculty from the Departments of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Communication, Journalism, and Educational Psychology on a NSF-supported research grant focused on developing new metrics to assess the effectiveness of science communication training programs on scientist’s communication skills, as well as conducting a separate assessment focused on analyzing the activity and effectiveness of scientists use of social media, specifically Twitter.

I received my PhD in Communication from American University in 2016. I was advised by Matthew C. Nisbet, and my dissertation research focused on integrating the related frameworks of cultural theory and cultural cognition with mass media effects frameworks, specifically framing and selective exposure. In my dissertation I analyzed politically slanted media coverage of climate change in the U.S. in order to examine how specific cultural values are embedded within media frames. In addition, I gathered original survey data to show how cultural worldviews relate to politically slanted media choices, and the extent to which these worldviews moderate the relationship between politically slanted media use and climate change concern.

For more information on my current research projects, please see my Research page. To access my published research, please visit my ResearchGate profile. Also, if you feel that your research interests align with my own I am always looking for new collaborations. Please feel free to email me at todd[dot]newman@uconn[dot]edu.





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